IT Services

IT Services

We provide a wide range of IT services. Our team will appraise and identify the best hardware, software, and technology solutions for your business’ unique needs, while planning for growth. Our IT consulting services and insights lead your company through the challenges of streamlining unnecessary hardware and systems, while delivering optimal, secure technology solutions to your organization. Example of services we provide :

Provide/Set up :
– Set up and configure any accessories such as printer, scanner etc..
– Set up and configure iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, tablet etc.
– Install software of any type for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS
– Setup network solutions (internet access, router, wifi, ethernet, powerlines etc.)
– Virtualization solutions
– Data Backup & Data Recovery
– Upgrade your system (Mac OS or Windows)
– Upgrade your hardware (memory, hard drive…)

Troubleshoot :

– Internet/Networking issues
– Software issues
– Hardware issues
– Windows & Mac OS Support
– Smartphone issues (iOS & Android)
– Windows errors, problems
– Emails problems

For businesses :

– Gateway system and in person payment solution
– Online solution to invoice your customers to pay their bill online
– Online reservation & appointment system
– Online to go and pickup order system for restaurants
– Online solution to manage your customer service (phone calls & emails, all in the same place)